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Virtual Coaching & Consulting for Parents of Young Children of All Abilities

Learn to help your child communicate and thrive in basic learner skills so you can meet more of their needs, connect through play, and get through the day with less frustration!


When your child doesn’t communicate, respond, or play the way you anticipated, connecting may feel hard.

You call their name and they don’t respond.

You come home and they don’t react.

You feel like they should be using words by now and they are not.

Sometimes they feel far away.


You try your best to communicate and play with them. You do everything you can to meet their needs and help them grow. But you’re still not 100% sure you’re doing the right things. Getting through the daily routines can feel really hard and exhausting. 

You want to make progress. You want to do more. But what? There’s so much information out there to sift through. 

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Meet Your Special Education
Consultant & Coach

GINA RUSSELL, M.Ed Special Education

Hi! I’m Gina. A certified Early Childhood Special Education Consultant, who believes that every child's ability to learn and communicate is limitless! 


Throughout my career, I've seen the "spark" in every child—and witnessed countless magical moments when a new skill shines through. I’ve also seen firsthand just how much progress can be made if a child has the right support in place. 


My goal is to ensure that your child has the support they need to keep those tiny sparks of progress flying.


Let’s do this together!

If you think your child needs more support,
tiny Sparks is here to help!

Through parent coaching and resources tailored to your child’s needs and goals, I’ll help you reduce frustration in your days and start to see those tiny Sparks of progress again.

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Here’s How It Works:


Get To Know Your Child

I’ll start by developing an understanding of your family’s current needs, priorities, and goals.


Learn Your Goals & Priorities

Next, I’ll learn all about your child—where they’re at now, how they learn best, and what they’re interested in.


Custom Plan & Learning Tools

I’ll create a family action plan with strategies tailored to your goals & learning resources designed for your child.


Ongoing Parent Support

I’m in your corner as long as you need me to be. Choose to book a one-time consult or an ongoing support package!

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Let’s Get Those tiny Sparks
Of Progress Flying!

There are two ways to work with me.

Pick the one that’s right for you!

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Option 1

1-Hour Parent Consultations

Speak directly to an Early Childhood Special Education Consultant, ask questions, get answers, and walk away with an action plan for helping your child achieve one concrete goal.

What’s Included:

*Pre-consult questionnaire *1 hour virtual parent coaching session on main priority *Concrete strategies to meet YOUR child's goal *Action plan to take away *Customized print at home resource tailored to your child *Follow up questions

Investment: $150

Option 2

Ongoing Parent Support

Keep the momentum going as you work towards multiple or long-term goals. Learning & language support packages can be tailored to your family’s goals, schedule, and budget.

What’s Included:

*45 minute virtual parent coaching sessions and support *Action plans to fit your family routines *Custom learning materials that match your child’s interests and progress them toward their goals *Ability to meet virtually weekly or monthly, depending on your needs, goals, and schedule

Investment: Starting at $275


Through virtual coaching, I’ll help you enhance your child’s learning and language development and scaffold the support they need next.
Let’s get your family through the day with more connection and less frustration!

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“This is the type of parenting support I wish
I had earlier!”

I am so grateful for tiny Sparks. Gina took my daughter’s learning style, age, and preferences into consideration and made personalized learning tools that we could put into practice the day they arrived. I saw immediate results and our bedtime routine has changed from being stressful to empowering.

I can’t thank Gina enough!

-Caitlin W.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual coaching & why
is this the style you use?

YOU make all the difference. Virtual coaching is an educational model that emphasizes collaboration and goal-setting based on your priorities for your child. By conducting coaching sessions remotely, I can guide you through strategies, providing immediate feedback and promoting skill integration. This approach eliminates travel time, increases follow-up communication, offers flexibility within your family life, and ensures consistent skill application.

What ages and skills do you specialize in?

16 months-5 years of age Skills: Communication and language supports, basic learning skills, play, interest/curiosity/engagement, pre academic skills, early learning academic skills.

Does my child need a diagnosis for our family to work with you?

No, your child does not need a diagnosis for your family to work with me! I will meet you and your family where you are at this time. I also work with families that want some extra support in a specific area even if you are just looking for a boost in your normal routines or your child’s learning and language development!

What are the individualized learning & language packages?

Individualized learning & language support packages include virtual coaching sessions and varied amounts of customized materials depending on the priorities and intensity of services for each individual family. I created packages so there are no extra unforeseen costs, and you have what you need for YOUR child. Learning & language support packages can be tailored to your family’s goals, schedule, and budget.

What is the time commitment?

One time virtual consultations are for one hour. Learning and language packages provide support over & up to a 6 month period. This gives us a structured window of time to target priorities. You can always add on additional sessions if you feel like you would like more individualized help! The window of time allows for flexibility, and regular life to happen! Virtual sessions are 45 minutes long and you can use the amount in your package as needed. I understand life happens and will give a suggested frequency plan.

What does tiny Sparks NOT provide?

tiny Sparks does not provide diagnostic services. Please see your pediatrician and/or local Child Find public agency to have your child referred for concerns. Your child does not need a diagnosis in order for you to work with tiny Sparks.

What is some of your experience?

I have over a decade of experience in Early Childhood & Special Education both from the classroom (Pre-K3 to 3rd grade) and in home support ages birth-3. Additionally, I have experience with utilizing learning and language support through visuals, core language, AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication), specialize in basic language and learner skill building through the Assessment of Basic Language & Learner Skills and am sensory trained through Jessie Ginsburg’s Sensory Program.

Additional resources?

Each state has early intervention programs that you can refer your child to between ages birth to 3 if you have concerns. Eligibility for early intervention services is based on an evaluation of your child’s skills and abilities. For more information, visit: If your child is 3 years or older, please refer to your specific county child find referral program. You can find this program by searching for the board of education located in your county.

Plant Shadow

Your child’s potential is limitless!

If you're looking for an inspiring and supportive guide for your child's individual growth and development through early intervention support, do not hesitate to reach out.

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